My Charm Bracelet

I would love to see your charm bracelet! Whether it's a work in progress, a full and finished masterpiece, or something in between, I’d be thrilled to publish a picture of it on the blog and social media pages. And, in return for the image/s you share you’ll receive 10% off your next Charmarama purchase*.

Simply email your photo to: and I will reply with a unique discount code for use when you place an order.

If your bracelet was given to you complete, or was passed down through the family, I'd be equally keen to see it (and to include it in the gallery). Feel free to tell me what the charms mean to you, or perhaps once represented, and if the collection has a tale to tell.

Click here to see some of the gorgeous bracelets other readers have shared. I look forward to showcasing your bracelet!


Questions & Answers

What if none of the charms on my bracelet were purchased from Charmarama?
That's OK! The idea is to celebrate charms, so it doesn't matter where they were bought or originated.

I'd love to show my bracelet but can I remain anonymous?
Absolutely. Just let me know in your email and your identity will not be disclosed.

*Please note that discount only applies to new charms, not antique or vintage charms.