What is a Made To Order Charm? 
A few of our more unusual charms are made to order only. When we receive an order for one of these, our jeweller will make the charm and we will dispatch it to you as soon as it's ready, usually 3-4 weeks from receipt of your order. If your made to order charm is part of an order for other charms which are not made to order, your complete order will ship when your made to order charm is ready to ship. If you need other charms in the order more quickly, please contact us to discuss separate shipping.
Are your charms available in gold? 
Many of the charms are available in gold. Within the description on each product page, alongside 'Metal', availability details are provided. Charms which are available in gold are made to order by the maker and are usually available to ship to you around 2-3 weeks from date of receiving your order. Please note that gold charms are custom made and therefore are not returnable. If you see a charm you'd like in gold, please contact us for a quote and we'll provide that and add the gold price option to the product listing to enable you to purchase.
Note that gold charms are solid, not plated, and are usually available in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct and in yellow, rose and white gold.
What is sterling silver? 
Sterling silver is produced by combining 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal, usually copper. Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing jewellery. Sterling silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength whilst preserving the ductility of the silver and a high precious metal content.
Many antique and vintage charms made in Europe were slightly lower in silver content (and therefore not sterling silver), for example '800' seen stamped onto silver charms means that the silver content is 80%.

What is gold filled or vermeil?
Gold-filled, also known as vermeil, jewellery is composed of a solid layer of gold, which must be at least 5% of the item's total weight, mechanically bonded to sterling silver or a base metal surface. This thicker layer makes gold-filled jewellery more valuable than gold plated jewellery.

What is a puffed charm?
The term 'puffed' refers to a charm being hollow inside. Usually made this way to prevent a charm being too heavy.

Will my charm be stamped .925/sterling silver? 
In most cases, yes, but some sterling silver charms are not marked as such by their makers. It’s important to note that hallmarks are not required by law under a certain weight, this does not mean the charm is made of an inferior metal. Unless clearly stated otherwise (as with some vintage charms) we guarantee that we only sell solid .925 sterling silver charms, we do not sell plated charms or inferior metals.
Many of our sterling silver charms are also available in gold, please enquire if you’d like availability/price information.

Why are some charms darker than others?
This depends on whether or not they've been oxidised, often referred to as 'antiqued’, by the maker/manufacturer. It’s a technique achieved by using a solution which darkens the sterling silver leaving darkness in the nooks and crannies after polishing which accentuates the detail of a charm. While some charm collectors prefer one or the other, many also mix them on their bracelets. I personally don’t mind either way, in fact I like the variation of different finishes on my charm bracelets.

Will your charms fit my Pandora bracelet?
Our charms are traditional, meaning that they're designed to hang from a chain and do not have a hole through the centre. However, we do have a solution – our Charm Link.

What is a triplet opal? 
A triplet refers to there being three layers present. In the case of a triplet opal, the back is a black material onto which a sliver of natural black opal is placed, then finished with a clear resin top. The three pieces are secured together with an adhesive and, as such, should not be exposed to moisture for too long.

Will you provide a jump ring with my charm?
Yes. A sterling silver or gold open jump ring is provided with every charm. Please note that antique and vintage charms which do not still have their original jump rings with them, will have a new jump ring. Please also note that we don't offer a soldering service. For more information about attaching charms yourself, please visit our Attaching Charms page.
How do I order from your website? 

We offer a simple and secure online shopping facility. Having browsed through the various charm categories and selected the charm/s you would like to purchase, click on the image and you will be redirected to that item’s dedicated page, where you can click on ‘Add to Cart’. Once you have finished shopping, click ‘Checkout’ and you will be able to checkout as a guest or set up an account, the latter will allow you future access to view past orders or create new ones. We accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard for both local and international orders and payment by these methods is quick and convenient. Please note that gift orders will not include an invoice or price details.

Do you accept 'Buy to Try' orders?
No, we do not allow this and will not process returns/refunds in these cases. Buy-to-Try is the ordering of a number of charms with the intention of choosing a few and returning the rest. We are only a small business and don't have the capacity or stock levels to accommodate this way of shopping. However, we will gladly work with you via email and images to ensure you know what you are buying.

Do you accept telephone orders? 
Regrettably, we are currently not able to accept telephone orders.
Can I place an order for a large number of the same charm? 
In most cases, absolutely, and we will gladly include a discount for some quantities. Please contact us to discuss this. Please note that more time is required for special orders so the earlier you place an order, the better chance there is for us to deliver in good time for your deadline. Please also note that bulk orders are custom made and, as such, are not returnable.
What are your payment terms? 
All orders are to be prepaid; in the unlikely event that we are unable to fulfil your order, or part of your order, we will contact you immediately.
What if an item is unavailable? 
We do our utmost to ensure that the inventory of our website is well stocked, but may occasionally be unable to fulfil an order for multiple items. Should this occur, dispatch will take place as soon as all items are in stock (usually within two weeks). If you have an urgent requirement for a large quantity of a particular item, please EMAIL us to check availability before placing your order.
Do you issue a receipt? 
When you have submitted your payment, the order summary will be displayed on a confirmation screen, which can be printed for reference. A confirmation email containing all the details of your order will also be sent to you. A printed packing slip, with no price information, will be included with your goods unless you request otherwise.
Do you offer a gift service? 
We offer a gift service at checkout - please see our Shipping & Delivery page for details.
Do you have a physical retail outlet? 
We are an online only business and do not currently have a bricks and mortar store. 
Are purchases covered by a warranty? 
We offer a 14 day money back warranty for any item that you are not completely happy with. More details about returns are available on our Returns & Exchanges page.
Do you offer a wholesale discount? 
One of our key objectives is to offer value for money to our customers and, regrettably, our narrow profit margin does not allow for wholesale discounts in most cases. However, please feel free to email us and will do our best to help with bulk discounts.
What is Charmarama's credit card policy? 
Credit card details entered on check-out are protected by 128-bit SSL encryption technology and are transmitted securely for payment processing. We never store credit card details and they are inaccessible once the transaction has been processed.
Do you offer a catalogue that can be posted? 
Owing to our constantly changing inventory and a commitment to the environment, we do not produce a printed catalogue.
What is the cost of postage? 
Please visit our Shipping & Delivery page for details.

Do you offer shipping to destinations outside the UK? 
We welcome international orders. Note: we regret that we cannot take responsibility for any import duties or taxes levied after a consignment leaves the UK. Please visit our Shipping & Delivery page for more details.
Where are orders dispatched from? 
All orders are sent out from our studio in Wiltshire, UK.
Will my item be well packaged? 
All orders are presented beautifully in an elegant pouch or gift box and are thoughtfully packed to safeguard against damage in transit. Please note that multiple charms will be packaged together to keep environmental impact to a minimum. If you require your charms to be separately boxed or pouched, please request in the notes at checkout.

May orders be picked up in person? 
Since Charmarama is an online only boutique, with no shop front, we regret that it is not possible for orders to be collected.
What is your returns policy? 
Please read our Returns & Exchanges page.

Can charms be exchanged? 
Please read our Returns & Exchanges page.

What are your Terms? 
Please note the following conditions of use of this website on our Terms of Service page and refrain from using charmarama.com if you do not agree to them all.