Spooky Charms!

Spooky Charms!

Hi Amanda, I love your web site!!!!!  I've put together a sort of unusual gold bracelet. I collect all types of charms, new old and everything in between, and all materials. My favorites are Halloween and monster related charms. About 20 years ago I started a gold bracelet with Halloween and Halloweenish charms. I'm pretty much done (if that's possible) with the smaller charm bracelet and now I'm working on larger charms.
Have a charming day, Debby

If you'd like to share a photo/s of your charm bracelet/s (finished or work-in-progress) we'd love to see them and would be thrilled to share it here on the blog. In return we'll send you a 10% discount code to use on the website.

Ghost Spider and Stork Halloween Charms      Pumpkin Owl and Toadstool Halloween Charms

Haunted House Devil and Witch Halloween Charms      Black Cat and Devil Cocktail Halloween Charms

Cauldron Devil and Punch & Judy Halloween Charms      Spider Devil and Ghost Halloween Charms

Halloween Charm Bracelet

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