Recently sold charms

Recently sold charms

Figa Fist Charm | Sold January 2019 | Decorated with a lucky star, a number 13, a four leaf clover and a horseshoe.
TLM Map Charm | Sold March 2019 | Vintage map of Ireland made by Thomas L Mott.
Bluebird Charm | Sold February 2019 | Sterling silver and enamel bird made by R. L. Griffith.
Four Leaf Clover Charm | Sold January 2019 | Sterling silver reverse crystal or intaglio made circa 1950s.
Pansy Flower Charm | Sold March 2019 | Gilded sterling silver with blue enamel, made by David Andersen, Norway.
Dressing Table Charm | Sold February 2019 | Dressing table which opens to tortoise, made by Nuvo.
Lily Flower Charm | Sold February 2019 | Junio Pureza (June Purity), beautifully enamelled charm.
Iris Flower Mother Charm | Sold March 2019 | Sterling silver and purple enamel, made by R. L. Griffith.
Tre Kroner Charm | Sold March 2019 | The three crowns of Sweden on a deep blue guilloche enamel.

Vintage Figa Fist Lucky Charm   TLM Ireland Map Charm Green Enamel Thomas L Mott   Bluebird Charm Enamel Sterling Silver R L Griffiths

Four Leaf Clover Charm Sterling silver reverse crystal intaglio   David Andersen Blue Pansy Charm Sterling Silver Enamel   Vintage Nuvo Dressing Table Charm opens to Tortoise

Vintage Junio Pureza June Purity Lily Flower Charm   Iris Flower Mother Charm R L Griffith   The three crowns of Sweden Tre Kroner Charm Sterling Silver Blue Enamel

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