Show-Stopping Charm Bracelets

Show-Stopping Charm Bracelets

I read a great article earlier this week by Meredith Jayme of W Magazine. Titled: 'Charm bracelets are back...' I don't think they ever went away, but perhaps I'm biased! Click here for the latest additions to our website.

Enjoy the spectacular images in the article (just click the link above) and I'd love to hear which your favourite is. It's hard to choose but number 8 is spectacular, the Mallary Marks Mixed Gem Jubilee Bracelet:

Charm Bracelet

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Thanks for this good advice, MITMITE9, you’re right – if in doubt with any listing, always ask before buying. It does help when sellers take the time to provide images from different angles, a size guide image and well detailed descriptions in their listings.


Before you buy any sterlling silver charms or charm bracelets on eBay or Etsy, be sure and contact the seller to find out gram weight and dimensions. Ask if the charms are solid, 3-D, puffy, flat-backed or hollow on the reverse side. So many lovely close up photos make charms look larger and more substantial than the charms are in reality. Ask before you buy, otherwise you’ll end up with flimsy, tiny and practically valueless charms. Oh . . . and unless you want rhodium-plated charms, be sure and ask the seller whether or not the charm has been plated. The rhodium plating may wear off with time, not always a desirable quality in sterling silver charms.


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