Tine Box Charm | Sold November 2018 | Miniature traditional Norwegian bentwood box by Marius Hammer.
Telephone Charm | Sold September 2018 | Opens to reveal "DIAL 999 FOR AMBULANCE FIRE POLICE".
Lancaster Rose Charm | Sold July 2019 | Silver with red enamel, Lancashire Rose.
Graduation Day Owl Charm | Sold November 2018 | Rare graduation day owl charm by Beaucraft.
Edwardian Baby Charms | Sold June 2019 | Two enchanting charms depicting enamelled young children.
Greece Flag Charm | Sold June 2019 | Enamelled silver travel shield souvenir.

Marius Hammer Tine Box Charm   Vintage English Silver Telephone Charm   Red Vintage Lancaster Rose Charm

Vintage Beau Graduation Day Owl Charm   Edwardian Baby and Child Charms   Vintage Greek Flag Travel Shield Charm

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