Family Ties

Family Ties

I am so excited to showcase my bracelet. I was given it as a young girl by my mother after my obsession with her charm bracelets. They all had moveable parts and I used to spend hours opening them and sitting on her lap as she told me stories about the origin of each one. It’s memories like that which never diminish no matter how far I am from her arms. Living in Australia now I am delighted to find your site as I can continue my collection of moveable and poignant charms. Due to severe illness I have not added any for some time as they all represent an event or place I have visited.

The first charm I received with the bracelet was a crystal globe – to help me travel the world. My favourite is the arrow – when placed with its other three components (3 arrows that my sisters each wear) it spells out all our names and binds us together, despite the fact that we live in 3 different continents, wherever we are we are always reminded of each other.

Each place I’ve been I’ve tried to source a charm that is multifunctional and I can continue the fascination of telling the story behind each one with my own children sat on my lap captivated in wonder and awe of the world that awaits them.

Keep up the good work!

Karen | Madora Bay, WA

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with Family Mementos

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