A Charming Set of Stamps

A Charming Set of Stamps

Amongst my charm collection, which includes charm related bits and pieces, is a lovely postage stamp featuring a European magpie flying away with a charm bracelet – magpies are renowned for liking (and pilfering) shiny objects.

The stamp is part of a luck themed set which was issued by Royal Mail back in 1991, the artist is Tony Meeuwissen. In addition to the magpie and charm bracelet, the stamp set features more of Tony Meeuwissen's exquisite illustrations:
Bird's nest with three blue eggs.
Mallard duck with a frog and a snail in a scene where it's raining cats and dogs.
Shooting star and rainbow.
Black boot, horseshoe, four leaf clover and Lucky black cat matches.
Pot of gold and rainbow.
Black cat.
Kingfisher bird with a four leaf clover decorated key in its beak.
Sixpence and a wishing well with a tiny black cat on the horizon.

Included with the stamps are some message stickers, each with a different charm pictured.

Royal Mail 1991 Good Luck Greetings Stamps     Royal Mail Greetings Stamps Booklet Lucky 1991

Good Luck Greetings Postage Stamps Royal Mail 1991

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