A selection of recently sold vintage charms

A selection of recently sold vintage charms

I Love You Dial Charm | Sold September 2015 | Mechanical sterling silver dial charm, made in the 1960s.
Heart and Key Charm | Sold February 2015 | Vintage 14ct yellow gold and red enamel heart and key.
Brazil Flag Charm | Sold July 2015 | Sterling silver reverse crystal or intaglio flag made circa 1950s.
Hong Kong Charm | Sold June 2015 | Silver and enamel shield charm depicting a Hong Kong scene.
Lucky Star Charm | Sold July 2015 | Rare Austrian silver and red enamel ‘This Be Your Lucky Star’ charm.
Moon Landing Charm | Sold June 2015 | Made to commemorate the first man on the moon 20 July 1969.
Toadstool Charm | Sold August 2015 | Enamel red spotted toadstool, a symbol of luck in Germany.
Vietnam Map Charm | Sold September 2015 | Sterling silver and blue enamel map of Vietnam.

Vintage mechanical I Love You Dial Charm pendant      14k 14ct gold and red enamel Heart and Key Charm

Intaglio reverse crystal Brazil Flag Charm      Hong Kong Charm sterling silver enamel shield

Antique Austrian silver and enamel Lucky Star Charm      Vintage first man on the Moon Landing Charm silver

Vintage German Toadstool Charm      Sterling silver and blue enamel map of Vietnam charm

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