Charmed by Fortum & Mason

Charmed by Fortum & Mason

Each week I send out lots of charms to their new owners, but it’s not often that I receive a charm for my own bracelet. This week though, I was thrilled to receive a very special charm from a dear friend of mine. It’s a beautifully crafted picnic hamper charm from Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly London. F&M, who’ve been trading since 1707, introduced their charm range last year.

Each one of their charms, all engraved with the F&M logo, celebrates an icon from their store. The full and fascinating story can be found when you visit their website.

Next on my Fortnum’s wish list is Fortescue the Teddy Bear!

Fortnum & Mason sterling silver picnic hamper charm   Sterling silver picnic hamper charm by Fortnum & Mason

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