An egg is not just for Easter

An egg is not just for Easter

The most famous and valuable decorative eggs are from the house of Fabergé, crafted during the 19th Century. Countless imitations have been produced since then and, while few are fortunate enough to own a Carl Fabergé egg, other exquisite antique enamel eggs can be found by collectors, as well as some equally beautiful vintage examples. Adding a delightful dash of colour to a charm bracelet, some of these are still in production today. Here are a few treasures from my own collection…

Faberge style Easter egg charms

Faberge style Easter egg charm   Faberge style Easter egg charm

Faberge style Easter egg charm opens to coach   Antique Edwardian Guilloche Enamel Easter egg Charm   Faberge style Easter egg charm

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A beautifully curated collection. I’m jealous in the best way.


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