Three Green Charms

Three Green Charms

This is the first of many posts where I'll be showcasing some rare and wonderful antique and vintage charms. Starting with these three treasures:

Reverse Crystal Scottie Dog Charm
Also known as 'Essex crystals' or 'Intaglios' and becoming popular in the latter part of the 19th century, these were produced in a range of items including charms, cufflinks, pins and more. There was something of a renaissance during the mid 20th century and charms which were made during the 1950s and 60s were usually around 15mm diameter. This little gem is unusually small and the first I've seen this size at just 9mm diameter! These little works of art were produced by a highly skilled craftsmen who carved an image into the flat back of a cabochon-cut rock crystal and then hand painted it.

Edwardian Enamel Heart Charm
This Edwardian charm is also smaller than usual, making it rarer than most. Sadly part of its seed pearl has been chipped at some point but the enamel remains largely in tact. I particularly like these charms as the border reminds me of those seen around the base of English crowns.

Art Deco Enamel Pig Charm
This fabulous Art Deco pig is finished with the most vibrant lime green enamel I think I have ever seen. I have seen many of these sorts of charms, usually animals, but this is the first enamelled example.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the first collection. Watch this space for more and just click The Journal's 'showcase' tag to see all of these posts as they grow in number.

Vintage Reverse Crystal Essex Intaglio Dog Charm   Antique Edwardian Enamel Puffy Heart Charm   Antique Enamel Green Puffy Pig Charm

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